2016-17 Venice Sailing Squadron Officers

The current term is May 24 2016 through May 25 2017.


Office                                    Name                      Responsibility

Commodore                    Ken Nolan                       General Mgt.

Vice Commodore            Jonathan V. Phillips        General Mgt. / Website

Secretary                          Jim Fenn                       Corp. Clerk

Treasurer                       Kristen Ellison                  Finance

Fleet Captains

Operations                     Miriam Stavely        Operational / Speakers

Racing                            John Lynch              Racing

Cruising                         Neil Ware                 Cruising schedule


                                      Fran Locke                TellTale

                                      Vicki Solomon           Events

                                      John Drury                 Publicity

Committee Chair

                                      Ken Nolan                 Memberships

                                      Fran Locke                Directory

                                     John Drury                 Publicity

                                     Gerry Cashion            Ship's Store



2015 Venice Sailing Squadron Officers

The current term is May 24 2015 through May 25 2016.

The Bridge Officers

Commodore               Bill Gately 

Vice Commodore      Lou Salhany

The Flag Officers

Secretary     Cindy Winger

Treasurer     Noreen Barrett

Fleet Captain Racing             Norm Sooy

Fleet Captain Cruising           Lou Salhany(acting)

Fleet Captain Operations      John Winger (acting)

The VSS Directing Board

The Bridge Officers and the Fleet Captain's

Board members are elected from the members at large.

Fleet Support :

Tell Tales              

Media Services    Jonathan Phillips

Director                Vicki Solomon

Director                Glenn Heydt

Director              Ken Nolan


The Venice Sailing Squadron is a volunteer organization, come join us!